How do you see beauty? Where do you see beauty?

Pierre Gemme by HUR ‘GAZE’ collection reminds us to see beauty.

Beauty teaches us the truth. Beauty saves us. Beauty heals us, sets us free and opens infinite Possibilities.

When we think of seeing beauty, some of the faces of those that we love come to mind. When we think of beauty, we think of breath-taking landscapes. Beauty is an act of kindness by people in difficult, desolate times.

In today’s world, we also think of those unknown people who are the real heroes. These are individuals holding out on frontlines, holding humanity alive in face of ultimate barbarity, where things are visible that the human eye should never see. And they are able to sustain it because there is in them some sense of beauty that knows the horizon that we are really called to in some way.

Find a blessing for beauty in each piece

“15% of the proceeds of our ‘Gaze collection’ will be donated to families impacted by war in both Yemen and Ukraine through Save the Children.

Save the Children is a leading humanitarian organization for children. They have changed the lives of over 1 billion children and around the world.They improve lives of children through better education, health care, and economic opportunities, as well as providing emergency aid in natural disasters, war, and other conflicts.

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