One Sisterhood


One Sisterhood earring

We create every piece of jewelry with a story. Stories of women with different identities, roots, beliefs and cultures who come together and tell stories of resilience and create affirmations. 

With ‘One Sisterhood’, our new jewelry piece we call for a positive vital experience of sisterhood.

One. Uno. Moja. واحد. один. एक. ایک

This is how you say One in different languages. We are all One Sisterhood. We are stronger together.

Article One of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948, called for all human beings, being equal, to act in the spirit of brotherhood. Yet we believe this language omits the unique, diverse and powerful spirit of women. It is past time to acknowledge and include sisterhood in the language of human rights. 

One Sisterhood is a message of feeling one with the community. A community that is inclusive of all of those who experience and interpret the world as a woman. One Sisterhood strives to ensure that this community is welcoming, accepting and understanding of the full spectrum of womanhood. 

With every purchase of One Sisterhood, 10% of the proceeds will go to KaKenya’s Dream, a non-profit organization in Kenya, who will use the contribution to meet the basic needs of vulnerable girls in rural Kenya and keep them learning and safe during and after the COVID-19 pandemic
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About KaKenya’s Dream

Dr.Kakenya Ntaiya is a leading advocate for girls’ education& empowerment and founder of KaKenya’sDream.Surviving female genital mutilation & avoiding an arrangedmarriage as a child, Kakenya went on to become the first woman fromher community to go to college in the US. She founded Kakenya’sDream to continue paving the way for the next generation of womenleaders in her community in Kenya.

Foundedin 2008, Kakenya’s Dream leverages education to empower girls andtransform rural communities. They believe every girl, no matter whereshe is born, deservesa chance to dream, learn, and achieve her full potential.

Thecommunities they serve in rural Kenya are some of the mostmarginalized and underserved in the world. 80%of women undergo FGM, over 50% marry before age 19, and just 17%finish primary school.

AtKakenya’s Dream, nearly 100% of girls finish school and live freefrom FGM and child marriage.

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About Madame Gandhi

Thepowerful voice behind the ‘One Sisterhood’ video is of MadameGandhi from her single ‘ TheFuture is Female’ . Kiran Gandhi, known by her stage name MadameGandhi, is an electronic musician, producer, drummer andgender-rights advocate who blurs the boundaries between art,performance and activism. To combat menstruation stigmas, she ran theLondon Marathon while bleeding freely on her period in 2015. She has performed in music festivals such as Pitchfork,Lightning in a Bottle, Roskilde and SXSW.

Gandhiintertwines her music with activism. She spent her first term atHarvard Business School on tour with the rapper M.I.A. In 2012. She’sa TED 2020 Fellow and regularly gives talks on topics like usingmusic to combat gender stereotypes. Her lyrics are often aboutfighting for rights and liberation and have a strong feminist bentand we are priveledged to have her powerful voice and purpose behind our‘OneSisterhood’Campaign.

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