“I grew up in a family that encouraged me to shoot at the basket without fear. They taught me that you can have your say whenever you feel like. That you can dive head-first, even when you are very young. And that diving head-first is not always dangerous or inappropriate for a little girl”

I understood that breaking patterns does not limit you and should not undermine your best intentions, but it should give you the opportunity to succeed.

Head-first dives, skiing and bicycle rides became motorbikes, surfing and traveling, even by myself. The support that my family gave me since I was a child went hand in hand with all the wonderful women that I have been lucky enough to meet and learn from on my way: my “aunts”, my teachers, my friends and colleagues…

Overtime, I became more and more convinced that I want to be in a place where I can help others, help them discover something great about themselves and be aware of their potential.

So, I decided to be a psychologist and now I am qualifying as a psychotherapist. Working for the first anti-violence centre in Italy, I supported women in their paths to get out of abuse. This allowed me to experience the deep fulfilment that comes from helping someone improve their life. When I think of my journey, I feel privileged that I can help other women break away from the pattern of violence.

The main driver of my journey? Empowerment. Because women who pursue their own personal path to fulfilment shine with a brighter light. When we believe in ourselves, we bloom and we become limitless.