Shilo Shiv Suleman

Shilo Shiv Suleman

We are often asked where our inspiration for creating Pierre gemme by hur came from. We trace it back 4 years ago when we met Shilo of the Fearless collective Fearless Collective - a movement of participative storytelling and art that replaces fear with trust, creativity and collective imagination in public space. Started by artist Shilo Shiv Suleman in 2012, she creates public art interventions with women & misrepresented communities across the world. Fearless Collective creates alternative, people-led narratives that engage personal histories, cultural and political realities, and tell stories of universal strength.

In the past few weeks, the Indian government has faced weeks of protests against the Citizenship Amendment Act (CAA), which was passed by the government in December. The new law eases the path for non-Muslim minorities from the neighbouring Muslim-majority nations of Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Pakistan to gain Indian citizenship. But, if combined with a proposed national register of citizens, critics of the CAA fear it will discriminate against minority Muslims in India and chip away at India’s secular constitution.

Students across India are demonstrating countrywide protests from concerns over a controversial new law that provides a fast track to citizenship for non-Muslim religious minorities from nearby countries. In light of these protests, The Fearless Collective has launched a movement call ‘Hum Yaheen Ke Hai’. Join the movement. Poster available on our new site (link in bio)

Yaheen Ke Hai /م یہنی کے ہہیی हम यहीं के हैं। I am of here

Fearless We belong here Women, we belong here Sikh (you belong here) Adivasi (you belong here) Dalits (you belong here) Christians (you belong here) Buddhists (you belong here) Muslims (you belong here) Hindus (you belong here) Hum Yaheen Ke Hai हम यहीं के हैं। م یہنی کے ہہیی I am of here We belong here.

Shilo in our Signature piece.