Samina Baig

Samina Baig

Capability is in our mind, not our body and creating and destroying limitations is only the mind. Introducing you to Samina Baig, who is a walking manifesto for bravery, perseverance, and breaking the gender norms.

Samina is the first and only Pakistani woman to climb Mt. Everest and summit Seven of the highest peaks in seven continents within eight months. Hailing from Shimshal Village in Hunza, Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. At 22, she became one of the youngest women to climb Mt. Everest spreading the message of peace while at the top, and had already scaled the seven summits by the time she turned 23.

A celebrated hero, Samina defied and transcended the limiting gender norms. Mountaineering, a sport depicted mostly as a courageous and adventurous feat for men, while raising women to be timid, perfect, and pretty instead. . Samina Baig is also a UNDP Goodwill Ambassador and plans to lead a first Pakistani women’s expedition team to scale the Everest. Samina’s main aim in mountaineering field is to empower women to participate in mountaineering and trekking sports. ‘For this purpose I started training camps in Shimshal in 2014, where girls from all over Pakistan got training in mountaineering’

Samina represents the true face of ambitious women, who are eager to come out of their shells. She says ‘Climbing Everest is not about success and glory. It is about learning how to deal with fears and failures—making friends with them and welcoming them as a part any bigger goal or plan you have in life. Women, across the world, should be empowered to reach the peaks in all walks of life’

Samina is wearing Pierregemme ‘Kahina’ - Portrait if Women series