There is a love that shines in the darkest places of suffering. Introducing Fatu, who clings on to the idea of love as a cure for everything.  Fatu is a refugee in Egypt, who left her country, Sudan, when she was a young girl. ‘My parents escaped from the Second Sudanese Civil War in 2000 and came to Egypt. Conflict and political upheaval in Sudan have sent thousands of refugees from Sudan fleeing their homelands in the hope of finding better lives for themselves and their children”.

 ‘My parents were refugees not because they ever stopped loving our home, but because they loved their children more. I saw them clinging to the stubborn hope of a better life, of life itself when we all arrived in Egypt. My mother was my biggest inspiration, our father left us and she raised 4 children single handedly in a new place. I saw my mother doing the best that she could do in a new place, finding ways for integration, looking for communities and home”.

 “It was difficult for us to integrate, we faced racism, turned down by so many employers. Its’ sad that we live in a time where ideas travel around the world at the click of a button. From the soap we use, to the clothes we buy to the goods we consume, they all come from all over the world, but not so much the people who are attached to these ideas and goods” – Fatu says

 Fatu enrolled in a school in Egypt where she found classmates from Sudan, Ethiopia, Congo, Cote-d’Ivoire. “I found people like me, who were open to humanity, all intervown and connected. But what shifted our mindset was our American teacher who was so good to all of us, she has an open heart and displayed radical generosity to each one of us. That’s when I realized that there is good and bad everywhere. It was a beautiful realization’. With people like Fatou you see there is beauty and wonder all around. We have to have eyes that see, a heart that perceives, and a soul that welcomes.

 Unexpectedly Fatu’s mother passed away in December 2020 and incurred a lot of debts for her funeral. 10% of the earrings proceeds will go towards her beloved mother’s funeral debts.