Alsarah & Sasha

Alsarah & Sasha

The One Sisterhood piece brought us powerful sisterhood in the form of Alsarah and Sasha who narrated what sisterhood means to them

Alsarah is a singer, songwriter, and ethnomusicologist. Born in Sudan, and currently based in Brooklyn NY, she has traveled the world from a young age due to political and social forces. Currently identifying as an immigrant and global citizen she actively tries to connect the dots from Khartoum to Sudan remapping this world to reflect the future normal

Säsha is a native New Yorker, Intersex woman who uses her social media platform to raise awareness about the invisibility of Intersex people. As well as providing education about gender, safe sex, accessibility, mental health, harm reduction and intersectionality

Read their powerful words on sisterhood below

Alsarah’s on sisterhood - ‘Sisterhood is the meeting of many rivers in the ocean. It's a wave carrying single drops United in purpose and synchronized in motion. It is the arm of future change and the face of traditions past, anchoring you while pushing you to fly’

Sasha’s on sisterhood - ‘Sisterhood is the ability to communicate in silence. It’s the hand that reaches for my wrist to pull me from the patriarchal tides that are bent on drowning me. Its the sweetest of honey at the bottom of my tea, to soothe my throat and keep my voice strong amongst the wolves trying to break apart my pack. Sisterhood, is love transcending time, geolocation, gender and cast. It’s the arms that wrap around my ribs and whisper love into my ears’